If you are looking for a solution to your painting requirements, we are the place you need to look for. We at E&M Commercial Residential Painting LLC hold the key to all your questions when it comes to painting. We offer our house painting contractors services in the area of Greater Houston, Cinco Ranch, and Woodlands TX. We love to satisfy our clients’ needs and try to fulfill all the requirements. We are a group of people with a vast array of knowledge in the painting business and our experience is what makes us stand at the top and out of the crowd.

No matter where coloring is needed, we are always ready to paint happiness in your lives. When dealing with residential locations, we hold expertise in dealings with interiors and equally well with the exteriors of the property. The interior locations include bathrooms, kitchens, cabinets, hallways, dining rooms, living rooms, shelving, ceilings, kid’s rooms, pantries, bedrooms, garages, and more. The exterior locations include garages, outbuildings, sheds, barns, playhouses, doors, shutters, fence work, trim and more.


We at E&M Commercial Residential Painting LLC are a group of expert painting contractors with extensive knowledge of walls and colors. We offer our services in various locations in and around Woodlands, Texas at competitive prices. Our professional painters follow the code of ethics and professionalism that we have spent years perfecting. The painting experts working with our agency have extensive knowledge and training for the work that they do. The painters working with E&M Commercial Residential Painting LLC are also well equipped with all the tools needed for interior, exterior, commercial, as well as industrial painting. We deploy the best painters based on the customer’s needs and location preferences. We focus on deploying local painters, or painters from the same, or nearby locations as the customers.

E&M Commercial Residential Painting LLC’s long history of excellence has given our team a vast amount of experience. We know exactly what a specific job requires and the sort of care that your walls need. We understand the expenses that incur during the whole painting process and work with our clients towards minimizing them. Our main focus is cost-cutting without compromising the quality of the job or our service. We understand that whenever a residential property is erected, it has a lot of emotional values attached to it. We try to offer the best of our services to the people who reach out to us for getting their whole house painted. We try to preserve the feelings attached to the homes and the houses. Our expert painting professionals leave no stones unturned in order to satisfy the hearts of our clients by delivering their best.


When taking up a residential painting project, we cover every aspect of the interior and the exterior of that property. In case the customers are confused about the choice of colors, we also provide consultancy services where we suggest the best color combination for particular spaces. Our residential painting covers locations such as bathrooms, kitchens, cabinets, dining rooms, living rooms, shelving, ceilings, game rooms, pantries, hallways, bedrooms, garages, pet homes, garages, outbuildings and sheds, barns, playhouses, doors, shutters, trim and more.
Only the highest quality, interior, and weather-proof exterior paints are used by our team for house painting Woodlands. We want our painted walls to last long and not get damaged due to weather conditions. Our obsession with ensuring client satisfaction and receiving positive feedback is everlasting and we always strive to exceed client expectations.

We are well experienced with painting new exterior and interior walls too. Our painters properly do the treatment of the wall before painting any new exterior or interior wall.


Despite the heavy competition in the market, what makes E&M Commercial Residential Painting LLC stand out among the crowd?

E&M Commercial Residential Painting LLC is the best painting company in the market for availing of residential painting Woodlands TX. Part of our popularity and success can be attributed to the collective experience of our team. Our painters have received licenses for painting services from a local licensing authority. This makes us a more credible and reliable painting company for house painting in Woodlands TX. We have spent several years perfecting our process so that we can deliver that spotless finish to every single client. Our knowledge and experience with residential painting are what keep us at the top of our game.

We have a wide array of clients to back our claims and a good number of outstanding customer reviews. This shows how good we are at our work and strive to deliver the same quality to each and every client reaching out to us for our services.

Our painters in Woodlands TX complete every house painting project on time with precision. We’re one of the best painting contractors in town who promises a fine finish on every coat.

Call us for a free estimate today. Our estimated prices are extremely low and you won’t be able to resist taking our residential painting services for your lovely home. If you don’t believe us, we can give you a written estimate so that you can compare our prices with other painting contractors. We are always excited to help you in the best possible way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Residential Painting is the painting and colouration of walls of a residential property. This includes interior, as well as exterior locations of a house/building. The professional experts do a proper examination of the walls before starting the painting process.
Interior locations include bathrooms, kitchens, cabinets, dining rooms, living rooms, shelving, ceilings, game rooms, pantries, hallways, bedrooms, garages. Locations such as pet homes, garages, outbuildings and sheds, barns, playhouses, doors, shutters, trim and more fall under the exterior category.
E & M Commercial Residential Painting LLC offers its services in various locations in Texas including Woodlands, Texas.
Power washing is the practice of washing all the dirt and debris off a surface using a high pressure water hose
The painters associated with E & M Commercial Residential Painting LLC use the best quality paints available in the market. The type of paint depends upon the client’s discretion. Emulsion paints, synthetic emulsion paints, organic paints, distemperss, enamels and a lot more options are offered to the clients.
The price factor is greatly variable in the case of residential painting. However, our professional residential painters usually charge between $35 – $45 per hour for jobs in and around Woodlands, TX. The final cost of the project depends on the size of the property and the complexity of the job.
E & M Commercial Residential Painting LLC has been offering its services continuously during the pandemic. All the necessary precautions are being taken.
A painting quote, as prepared by us, includes the total cost of the project, the total time that would be taken to complete the project, and the general T&Cs of the agency.

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