Commercial & Residential Painting Services In Pearland TX

E & M Commercial Residential Painting LLC is a professional painting company based in Pearland TX. Our painting experts have extensive experience of working with building managers, condominiums, townhouse associations, apartment complexes, and more. We place a lot of value in client satisfaction and go out of our way to deliver a delightful service to them.

The houses and office buildings in Pearland TX often require regular maintenance. At E & M Commercial Residential Painting LLC, we are very keen towards our work. Our experts understand the needs of our clients, and hence, perform a proper examination of the surface that is to be painted. The damaged walls are fixed before initiating the painting work to ensure they remain intact  longer.

E & M Commercial Residential Painting LLC offers services for the interior as well as exterior section of your building. There are major differences between painting both of these areas. Our professional experts understand the concept of this thoroughly and carry out their work in compliance with those requirements.  We only deploy our well-trained workforce to ensure the best possible outcome.

What Our Clients Say About Us ?

Most of the clients post their testimonials describing our work after taking our services. fortunately, E & M Commercial Residential Painting LLC boasts a large number of positive reviews and excellent testimonials by the clients. We deliver our services with full professionalism. Punctuality, neatness of work, keeping the client updated with the plan, and keeping their satisfaction in the highest regard is our top priority. Our claims are backed by the wide array of reviews that our customers post online.

Our Services

We offer reliable, affordable painting solutions for homes and businesses. Our group of professionals has over 20 years of experience with painting interior and exterior surfaces. We believe that a happy customer is a lifelong customer so we prioritize customer satisfaction.

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Our painting solutions enhance the appearance and the life of your home and work spaces.

We will help you select the best quality, most apt paints and use advanced techniques to make your home come to life. Our mission is to provide quality residential and commercial painting services to become the go-to painting contractors for our clients so that they don’t have to worry about their painting needs anymore.

From removing popcorn ceiling to patching a drywall, to complete property interior and exterior painting contracts, we do it all. Read our commercial painting reviews and discover why our customers love us. Then, give us a call for a free, no obligation estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions


Depending on the size and complexity of the job, an interior paint job typically costs between $1 and $3 per square foot.
When you only consider the cost of paint, it may seem like painting your house yourself is the most economical alternative. However, there is also the hidden cost of other painting supplies like paint brushes, rollers, primer, dishes, plastic sheets, covering material etc. that most people forget to consider. When you factor in these added costs, you will find that getting professional help is the wise choice
It usually takes between three to six hours to paint a standard size room. However, more complex projects may take longer.
A good painting quote is a detailed painting quote. It includes the painter’s business information, the scope of the project, the specifications of the project, an estimated timeline for project completion, full breakdown of the cost, and of course, all the applicable terms and conditions. This is the kind of quote you can expect from E & M Commercial Residential Painting LLC.
An exterior paint job requires a lot of resources and often a team of painters. Such services, on average, cost $2500. Depending on the size of your house, this cost may be more.
Our painters at E & M Commercial Residential Painting LLC work 8-10 hours a day, six days a week.