No matter the kind of building, residential or commercial, it must always look good on the interior, as well as the exterior. We at E&M Commercial Residential Painting LLC know the importance of painting and the looks of a property. Our sole focus is to increase the overall feel of the environment. A good exterior house painter paints to increase the richness of the surroundings and uplift the atmosphere of a place.

Are you confused about the color of your Home or Garage? Worry not! We at E&M Commercial Residential Painting LLC are here to help you choose the colors and make your house or office come to life. We use Sherwin Willimas paints that offer wide custom color solutions. Our mission is to provide quality residential and commercial painting services to become the go-to painting contractors of our clients so that they don’t have to worry about their painting needs anymore.

E&M Commercial Residential Painting LLC provides Exterior Painting Katy TX. Our painting company hires and provides the best painters from all of Katy and Houston, Tx. We offer both interior and exterior painting services. House Painters are hired by our painting contractors and are assigned projects.


E&M Commercial Residential Painting LLC offers the best services in Katy, Tx, and Houston, Tx at the most affordable price. Our Katy painters are the best in class and very skilled. Our website’s gallery section illustrates the quality work we deliver to our clients. Along with exterior and interior painting services, we also offer power washing services. Power washing before painting aids in removing all the grime and dirt from surfaces and gives better results after painting.

Our work will enhance the look and feel of your residence and office building at a very affordable price. We use the best quality paints and the most skilled painters. The low prices do not affect the richness of our work. We provide quality service at an economical price. We thrive on good customer reviews and focus on delivering the best painting solution to our clients. We also perform painting services for new facilities. Our experience in these areas enables us to give reliable cost estimates.


When taking up a painting project on exterior painting, our focus is on locations such as homes, garages, outbuildings and sheds, barns, playhouses, doors, fence work, shutters, trim and more. We act on customers’ discretion and offer exterior painting services according to their desire to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. In case they are confused about the choice of colors, we also provide consultancy services. Our exterior painters suggest the best color combination, color schemes, textures, and paint colors for your Homes, garages, outbuildings and sheds, fence work, barns, playhouses, etc.

We use wood staining to increase the longevity of wooden structures like doors, windows, and roofs. It helps prevent chipping and builds a protective layer against harming UV rays and sunlight that may cause discoloration.

Only the highest quality, weather-proof exterior paints are used by us. We want our painted walls to last long and not get damaged due to weather conditions. Our hunger for the client’s satisfaction and good feedback is everlasting and we always strive to deliver the best exterior painting.

We are well experienced with painting new exterior walls too. The treatment of the wall is properly done by our painters before painting a new exterior wall.

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We at E&M Commercial Residential Painting LLC are the most affordable contractors in the market and our residential painting services are top-notch and unmatched. Despite the market being so competitive, these qualities make us the best and E&M Commercial Residential Painting LLC LLC comes out to be at the top of the chain.

Our exterior painting process and treatment of walls before painting help the paint to last for a long time. The weather-proofing, water-proofing, and power washing of walls remove all the dirt and debris from the walls and give the walls a smooth texture. Our Katy painting services are cheaper than even the independent Katy Texas painters. Our professional painters do their painting jobs with utmost care and sincerity. They’ve received licenses from the local licensing authority and this makes them most reliable and trustworthy. We complete the project within the assigned time and in case of delay, compensate the client with whatever we can.

We’re also the most trusted brand when it comes to interior painting. We’ve provided residential and commercial painting services in Katy, TX, and have helped people uplift the curb appeal of their interiors. Be it cabinet painting or painting the dining room, kitchen, decorative coffered ceilings, or bedroom, we ace at everything.

Also, we are owned and operated by well-experienced and local painting contractors from Katy, Tx, and Houston, Tx. Call us for a free estimate today. Our estimated prices are so low that you won’t be able to resist taking our painting services and solutions for your paradise. If you don’t believe us, we can give you a written estimate so that you can compare our prices with other painting contractors. We are always eager to help you in the best way possible.

We don’t want you to fall prey to any shady painting contractor who promises you the moon and star but does nothing. So for Exterior House Painting Katy, join hands with us.

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